Above video is a live feed from camera looking east towards runway 13 windsock. Click on 'Start' button in center of screen to begin streaming video.  Hover over the video stream to make sure that the feed is live .  Sometimes, YouTube will change the URL of the live feed and the embedded video will be an archive.  You should see a red dot beside 'LIVE' as in the photo to the left.  If you don't see the red dot, click on it to skip to the live feed.  If you don't see the 'LIVE' option, then we'll need to update the embedded stream code.  You can always go to this URL to see the live stream:

 Audio from the camera mic is available and video recorded previously can be viewed.

Airpark Security Cameras

There are a number of surveillance cameras located around the Airpark. These record video 24/7 and can not provide streaming video except as detailed below:

1. Airpark members (and also the public) with iPhone, iPad or Android devices, may install a free mobile app to view live video from all cameras.

Click here to view setup instructions.

2. Courtenay Airpark Association members may have access to video from airpark cameras on their home computer, by installing a special viewing client provided by the maker of the security cameras. Instructions for downloading and installing this application may be obtained by sending us an email request stating the OS (ie Windows or Mac).

Airpark members note: If you have installed the Lorex Viewing Client on any of your devices and the webcam video is blocked, see the "Trouble Viewing the Airpark Webcams?" (30 Jul. 2016) post on the Airpark Blog,  for possible solutions or email us.

What's New

Fuel 100LL...$1.51/lt 

Comox ATC Service Level Changes

Information for Drone Pilots: A Guide to Drone Safety  (What Every Pilot Must Know Before They Fly in Canada) Information courtesy of Kimberly Wolten/3D Insider

New website coming, stay tuned!

Pilots Note: NO winter maintenance at Courtenay Airpark















Upcoming Events

 Courtenay Airpark AGM 1400hrs Sunday 25 Feb. 2018



Weather Forecast

Information for Pilots


ATF 123.35 1500 ASL 3 NM exc Comox CZ
Elev 9 ASL
Cct 800 ASL
Join overhead (midfield) from south
Rgt hand cct Rwy31                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Remain clear of ridge to N (noise abatement)                                                                                                                               

PPR for T&G

No Winter Maintenance

CAUTION: DO NOT rely on reported wind from Comox ATC (local conditions vary greatly)). Join midfield iaw published proc.and check windsock!