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Welcome to the
courtenay airpark

An Aviators paradise in the heart of the Comox Valley

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Parking for visiting aircraft at CAH3 during the Comox Airshow on 17-18 May 2024 is limited to twelve outdoor parking spaces only. Parking will be authorized by PPR only, effective 0800PDT Friday 17May until 0800 Sunday 19May. Send requests to or call 250-465-001. Notam will be published in due course.



ATF 123.35 1500 ASL 3 NM exc Comox CZ
Elev 9 ASL
Cct 800 ASL
Join overhead (midfield) from south
Rgt hand cct Rwy31

Remain clear of ridge to N (noise abatement)

PPR for T&G

No Winter Maintenance

CAUTION: DO NOT rely on reported wind from Comox ATC (local conditions vary greatly). Join midfield iaw published procedures .and check windsock!

Access to Float Plane Dock.

Gate can be opened from dock side. Gate code for lock is available to Airpark members in the Members Area Forum, pilots arriving at the dock should note code on exit or see notice in Pilots Lounge. Note: If wrong code is entered, press 'C' to clear, then re-enter code.

Helicopter Operations

Medium and heavy-lift helicopters, normally wheel-equipped and intending to use the Air Ambulance/Emergency Services helipad at the Courtenay Airpark, are directed to use the main runway for takeoff and landing and to taxi to/from the helipad to minimize the effects of rotorwash on adjacent hangars. Skid-equipped helicopters in the same class are advised to use the main ramp only for parking. Caution on the effects of rotorwash at all times.

Airpark Winter Operations

The Flight Supplement states 'NO winter maintenance'. So in case of snow/ice on the airfield, do not expect any clearing to be undertaken. We also do not publish Notams unless it gets really bad or will appear to close the field for extended periods. Please check runway conditions before flight, if in doubt.

Bottom line: Use at your own risk!

Caution! Helicopter Operations & Rotorwash/Downwash

We have two helos based at our field and often have heavier aircraft such as S76 as visitors. The dangers to light aircraft from flying through rotor wash or from downwash are well established.

Watch the video below to see the result of a pilot encountering the wake turbulence caused by a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter at 27 seconds into the video...

The Real Dangers of Encountering Rotor Wash

Pilot Lounge:  (250) 334-8545
Not regularly attended

Courtenay Airpark Assn.
1-110 20th St.
Courtenay, BC   V9N 8B1

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